Q: What is United Way?

A: United Way mobilizes resources to meet community needs. United Way raises funds during an annual community campaign, through Employee Giving and Employer Matching Funds programs and by organizing events in the community. Funds raised are invested in local programs to improve the lives of Batavians and to build a strong community. United Way’s volunteer Board reviews grant requests for the purpose of allocating funds to area programs that directly benefit Batavians.

Each United Way is zip code based and independent, choosing its funding criteria and priorities to fit the local community. Local United Ways come together through their affiliation with the national trade organization, United Way of America (UWA).

Q: How much of my contribution goes directly to funding services?

A: 80% of all contributions to Batavia United Way go directly to programs providing services in Batavia and surrounding communities. Some of United Way’s fund raising and administrative expenses are underwritten by Corporate Sponsors.

Q: How are funding decisions made and by whom?

A: All programs are reviewed and evaluated by local citizens serving as volunteers on our Board of Directors and/or Allocations Committee. The committee considers each agency’s program application against variables that include – the administration of the program or service, its goals and effectiveness, the specific affect on Batavians and the overall need in our community. The United Way Board of Directors has the final authority to determine program funding.

Q: Why does United Way have paid staff?

A: No organization as big as this United Way, in terms of the money for which it is responsible and the number of volunteers involved can operate efficiently without qualified staff support. Batavia United Way has a part time, paid Executive Director to manage the day-to-day operations and provide support to approximately 15 health and human service agencies. Batavia United Way also has a very involved Board of Directors with a variety of business backgrounds and interests. Their active participation allows Batavia United Way to keep expenses low, allowing more dollars to get back to the community.

Q: How do agencies join United Way?

A: Any non-profit health and human service agency may apply to join the Batavia United Way. Agencies interested in applying must meet the following criteria:

  • Agency must be chartered as a not for profit corporation in the State of Illinois
  • Agency must be registered as an organization established as a charitable organization with the Attorney General of the State of Illinois.
  • Agency must be established as a Section 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) under the IRS for two years.
  • Agency must have a Federal Employee ID Number (FEIN)
  • Agencies must also follow the guidelines and policies of the Batavia United Way.

Q: Why are Employee Campaigns important?

A: 2/3 of all United Way support comes from individuals giving through employee campaigns or direct gifts. Your gift, no matter what size, makes an impact on services in our community when it’s combined with the contributions of others.

Of the funds available for services, 82.5% comes from individual giving either through workplace giving campaigns or direct personal donations. Corporate and small business donations comprise the remaining 17.5% of the funds available for services.


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