Donate and Make a Difference

Why Give to the Batavia United Way?

Donating to Batavia United Way (previously known as Batavia Community Chest) helps YOUR neighbors and YOUR community. All donations to Batavia United Way go directly back to the citizens of Batavia.

The primary objective of donations is to address the education, health, and economic stability of each person in our community. There are three fund options for donations:

Success-By-6 Fund

All donations to this fund provide scholarships for Preschool, Kindergarten Enrichment, and other programs designed to benefit homeless and low-income children become prepared for educational success by age six. It is our goal to have the child “caught up” to those who are further along so that by First Grade, the playing field is evened out, any gaps closed, and the foundation will be set for better learning in the years ahead. 

General Fund

Donations to this fund address all other aspects of the Batavia United Way’s good work. Funds may be used to provide our low-income seniors with a special meal or be rolled into our allocation process. Each year BUW evaluates the total donated in allocation grants to ensure your donations are making an impact.

While we all understand that there is real, large-scale need in our communities, we also expect that our donated dollars are being used in the most efficient and effective manner possible so that more services can get to those in need. Please donate to the ongoing effort to provide essential services and community impact activities in this area.

Direct Payment

You can give by direct payment of a check (or cash).

Mailing Address:
Batavia United Way
PO Box 372
Batavia IL 60510

Phone: 1-630-877-2780

Installment payments can be made by monthly or quarterly payments – whatever is convenient for you!

Payroll Deduction

A great way to give is through Payroll Deduction. You can give as low as $1.00 a week to whatever amount you wish to help others. Payroll Deduction is an easy way to budget your gift. Ask your employer for information on Payroll Deduction with ‘Buck-A-Week’ or ‘Fair Share.’

Batavia United Way’s Tax ID Number is 36-3208945