Success by 6

Thanks to the 100 Women Who Care – Fox Valley.  Their donation will help support the Success by 6 program for the 2017-18 school year.  

Success by 6 also receives donations from our other sponsors: 

The Batavia Mothers Club,  Batavia Township and Olaf Fitness. 

 Thank you for your support!

Success by 6

2015 was the inaugural year of the Success By 6 Kindergarten Enrichment Scholarship designed to benefit homeless and low income Batavians. The Batavia School District offers a half day kindergarten program to all residents, with the Batavia Park District offering Kindergarten Enrichment for those children who would benefit from a full day of learning. The cost of Kindergarten Enrichment, for one school year, is $3025 for one student.

Many of the children who qualify for the SB6 Scholarship have not had the opportunity to attend pre-school or receive the related educational and social benefits of a classroom setting. The opportunity for a full day of kindergarten would help to build background knowledge and vocabulary, fine motor and social readiness skills, and provide greater opportunities to practice skills which the child may never have had exposure to. It is our goal to have the child “caught up” to those who are further along so that by First Grade, the playing field is evened out, any gaps closed and the foundation will be set for better learning in the years ahead. Not only does this benefit the scholarship child, it ultimately helps everyone in the classroom who desires and needs the teachers’ attention.
To apply, parents must register for Kindergarten Enrichment through the Park District as they would for any other Park District program and in accordance with deadlines. They must also apply for any potential subsidy/scholarship the Park District offers. After the Park District qualifies the child based on financial criteria the parent can apply to Batavia United Way for all or a portion of the balance until funds are Success By 6 funds are depleted.

Batavia United Way is seeking partners for this program with 100% of donations going directly to early childhood education. The Batavia Mothers Club, Tri Cities Exchange, Batavia Rotary, Kiwanis and individual Batavia citizens were the first to contribute to Success By 6 in its inaugural year. 15 children applied and were approved in this first year. After Kindergarten Enrichment needs are met, Batavia United Way will fund pre-school scholarships for low income and homeless as well. It is our goal to have as many children as possible have Success By age 6 and develop skills and habits for a life of learning.

For more information about the program and/or how you can help with the 2017/18 school year, please contact Melinda Kintz, Executive Director, Batavia United Way.

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